Jason Biggs describes years of hiding alcoholism from wife Jenny Mollen

Actor Jason Biggs recalled how he spent years hiding his alcoholism from his wife, Jenny Mollen, on her new podcast “All the Fails.”

The 45-year-old “American Pie” star opened up about his substance abuse struggles on the debut episode of Mollen’s show.

“I’m going to therapy and ‘working on things’ but meanwhile I’m leaving therapy, having just had a good session, and I’m going to the liquor store and buying a fifth of vodka, drinking it and then driving home,” he said, as heard in a clip the couple shared Wednesday on social media.

He then detailed how he hid his drinking from her.

“I knew how to get wasted enough to where I took myself out of the life equation, took myself out of the present, didn’t have to connect in a way that made me feel things,” the actor explained. “I had it figured out to a T — to not get too drunk where I couldn’t have a conversation with you.”

“I was replacing those bottles in the bar all the time,” he added.

Biggs, who has been sober since 2017 after multiple attempts to get clean, previously discussed his struggles in an Instagram post celebrating one year of being drug- and alcohol-free.

“After some fits and starts, I’ve managed to put together one year of sobriety,” he captioned the 2018 post. “I’m as proud of it as anything in my life.

“If you’re struggling, know there’s help,” the star wrote. “Don’t be ashamed.”

Mollen shared her own Instagram post at the time, saying how proud she was of Biggs.

“I know how hard you work. I see you. I love you. Thank you for your fight,” she captioned a photo of the two.