Jasmine harvest for Chanel No. 5’s centenary

Location: Pégomas, France

These workers are harvesting the key ingredient of the fragrance Chanel No. 5

jasmine flowers

The iconic perfume celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021

The Grasse region became a flower and fragrance hub in the 17th century

Chanel struck a deal the the local Mul family in the 1980s

to anchor its flower production in the region

during a time when some local producers had begun selling their land

HEAD PERFUMER AT CHANEL, OLIVIER POLGE: "The jasmine of Grasse is probably the most important ingredient of 'No 5'. It is an ingredient that we've had to work hard for since there was a time when it was under threat because jasmine production was starting to move to other countries, probably due to real estate pressure and the evolution of society in general. But that's how in the 1980s we got the idea at Chanel to join forces with the farming family to ensure the quantity and the continuity of the quality of the jasmine."

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