Jared Leto Joins in on the ‘Raw-Dogging a Flight’ Trend: ‘Bare Back of a Seat for 17 Hours’

The actor and musician, 52, joined the viral travel trend of boasting about enduring a flight without entertainment

<p>JARED LETO/Instagram</p> Jared Leto "raw-dogging" a flight

JARED LETO/Instagram

Jared Leto "raw-dogging" a flight

Jared Leto is flying distraction free.

The 52-year-old actor took to Instagram to join in on the "raw-dogging a flight' tiktok trend, which sees plane passengers boasting about enduring lengthy flights without any form of entertainment, viewing only the flight map.

“What’s all the fuss about raw dogging flight maps? Back in my day we raw dogged the bare back of a seat for 17 hours,” the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman wrote over a video of himself doing just that.

“Many years of training for the long flights,” he added in the caption. “Who else is practicing their patience until tour starts back up? 😅”

In a follow-up comment on the post, he urged, “Send this to someone who understands 😎.”

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Commenters had mixed reactions about the trend.

“I could stare at the back of a seat for 17 hours on end,” bragged one Instagram user, while another admitted, “Patience isn’t my strongest suit.”

However, one commenter noted that the My So-Called Life alum was sporting sunglasses in the video and suggested he was really napping rather than staring at the seat ahead of him.

“You're sleeping,” they wrote. “Behind the glasses you can't see a thing.”

According to Forbes, sleeping while raw-dogging a flight is “cheating.”

<p>Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty</p> Jared Leto attends Vogue World

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty

Jared Leto attends Vogue World

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TikTokers have been documenting their distraction-free flights for the past several months.

“Just raw-dogged a 7-hour flight (new personal best),” a U.K.-based DJ named Wudini revealed in a video posted June 4 that now has close to 14 million views. “No headphones, no movie, no water, nothing.”

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Australian musician Torren Foot shared his own feat, writing on June 25, “Just raw dogged it, 15hr flight to Melbourne, no music, no movies, just flight map (I counted to 1 million twice).”

In December, a TikTok user named Michelle commented on how few of the passengers on her flight seemed to be viewing any form of entertainment during a five-hour trip from New York to San Francisco.

“I have never seen so many people raw-dogging a flight in my life,” she wrote. “Literally just staring straight ahead the entire time?”

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