Japan's Sabae city showcases traditional technology of glasses

Sabae [Japan], May 11 (ANI): Sabae city in Fukui Prefecture, is known as the "City of Glasses" around the world. Just carrying the label "Made in Sabae" means great quality.

The city for over 100 years has continued to develop and pioneer the technology of glassmaking.

Glass production in Sabae city was started by Mr Masunaga over 100 years ago. He learned the profession in Osaka, then he built a workshop here and taught many apprentices, who then started their own companies and this is how the glass business spread across the city.

Glasses manufactured in Sabae are not just acknowledged for their innovation, but also for their high quality. These manufacturers account for around 90 per cent of all the eyeglass frames made in Japan.

While these big manufacturers produce in a more conventional style, some craftsmen create a frame using wood. These handcrafted frames allow every frame to be uniquely different from one another.

"Japanese people are usually interested in buying limited items. Even for me when I was young, the worst thing would be if I saw an old lady wearing something I was wearing. So I believe that rare or limited items are wanted by many," said Eyeglass Craftsman.

Sabae City also has a museum, where visitors can take a look at the antique glasses from around the world along with getting to know about the rich history of this city related to eyeglass manufacturing.

This museum also includes shops that exhibits and sells over 3,000 latest glasses of over 40 eyeglass companies in Fukui Prefecture.

The city even hosts a special festival to celebrate glasses. It is called "Megane Fest" and is held annually. Eyeglass fans come here from all over the country as this festival provides them with a rare opportunity to connect with the creators of eyeglasses.

This festival aims to highlight the uniqueness and quality of Sabae city craftsmanship along with making it a fun experience for visitors by offering games.

"There are lot of professionals in Sabae city and that's why we are able to get new innovations as well as produce high-quality Japan-made product, making this industry in Sabae city stand out compared to other industries," said Glasses designer.

Sabae City has pioneered in making glasses known not only for their quality but also for their culture. (ANI)