Japan's new PM faces low approval ratings

Approval for Japan's new Prime Minister is off to a rocky start only two days into the job.

All major polls in the country rated Fumio Kishida lower than previous leader Yoshihide Suga, when he took power a year ago.

On the lower end, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper said only 45 percent of Japanese supported Kishida's fresh administration.

That's 20 percent less than what they gave Suga's cabinet at the beginning.

The most optimistic results came from the Nikkei newspaper, which said 59 percent supported Kishida's government.

Kishida responded on Wednesday.

"I'm aware of the polling results, but also believe that there is quite a gap depending on the company that conducted the survey. Regardless, I will reflect on my actions based on these results - including the low approval ratings - and continue to work hard toward the upcoming election."

On Monday, Kishida called for a parliamentary election on October 31.

He hopes to secure a mandate and proceed with improving Japan's coronavirus response, and economic recovery.

With such low approval ratings, analysts say it's unlikely Kishida's Liberal Democratic Party will score a land slide victory.

Still, most Japanese rate Kishida higher than Suga in immediate polls.

The previous leader's popularity tumbled for his handling of Japan's fifth wave of the coronavirus.

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