Japanese same-sex couple overjoyed by court ruling

"I'm Jenny, a girl who likes girls."

"I'm Narumi, and I registered a partnership with Jenny last year."

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Jenny and Narumi are one step closer to marriage

after a Japanese court ruled that barring same-sex marriages was unconstitutional

"When I heard the news that the court ruled it (same-sex marriage ban) as unconstitutional, along with my tears, I felt that something that had been long suppressed within myself burst, that we'd finally been recognized.’’

Japan is the only G7 country not to fully recognize same-sex partnerships

Jenny said she realizes being able to marry legally could take some time

but she is holding onto her dreams

"I hope we could have the same legal guarantees as people who have a heterosexual marriage. I'd like to adopt a child and raise him with Naru-chan as a family. I also want to have a dog or a cat, and we could live in a warm place full of laughter."