Japanese princess to marry despite criticism

Authorities in Japan say that its Princess Mako will marry her former college classmate after all, following years of intense scrutiny and criticism that had cast their engagement in an unflattering light.

It will take place October 26. The 29-year-old niece of Emperor Naruhito got engaged to Kei Komuro in 2017.

The pair initially captivated the public.

But tabloid reports soon emerged about a financial dispute over a $35,000 debt that Komuro's mother allegedly owed to the mother's former fiance.

Komuro has said the money was provided as a gift, not a loan.

The scandal spread from tabloids to regular news media, gaining more traction when imperial family members were prompted to speak out.

Come early 2018, the marriage was postponed.

In August that year, Komuro left to attend law school in the U.S., and only returned early this week.

Sporting a ponytail that set off widespread tabloid and television discussion about whether he was being disrespectful.

Kyodo news agency has also reported that the princess is suffering from a form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

That echos the Empress of Japan's situation. She has struggled with what has been termed an "adjustment disorder" for years.

Mako will leave the royal family upon her marriage, as is customary.

None of the ceremonies that usually accompany a royal marriage will take place.

Media reports have also said the princess will forgo the one-off payment of a million dollars, which she is entitled to.

A recent poll by the daily Mainichi showed 38% of respondents supported the marriage, 35% opposed it, and 26% expressed no interest.

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