Japanese firm lets dogs into office

STORY: Fujitsu has opened an experimental 'dog office' in Japan

allowing employees to bring their pets to work

Location: Kawasaki, Japan

Yuka Hatagaki is one of Fujitsu employees who were lured back to the office

after having worked from home during the global health crisis

(Yuka Hatagaki, Fujistu office worker)

"Communication got more difficult as remote working became a norm. So I thought it would be a great place here in the office - to be able to come and communicate with other people with the help of our dogs."

Fujitsu's 'dog office' is separated from the standard office

It has workstations for three staff members and space for up to six dogs

as well as stain-proof carpets and a range of pet supplies

(Mitsuya Akamatsu, Head of Fujitsu's work style strategy office)

"We can't say whether we will stick with this style of working alongside our pets in the long term because it's still a trial, but personally I think it would be good to see it spread across our society."