Japanese company launches ramen into space for months of cosmic radiation


A Japanese restaurant group recently made culinary history by launching its ramen ingredients into space aboard SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket.

Ramen beyond Earth: The Unchi Corporation sent its signature ramen ingredients, including the foundational elements of the celebrated "Ramen Original," into space on Nov. 11. According to the company, the project, called "All Humanity, Noodles to Space!," aims to engage ramen lovers and space enthusiasts alike.

Cosmic-radiated flavor: The company, renowned for operating Osaka ramen spot Human Beings Everybody Noodles, partnered with SpaceX to transport the ramen components consisting of roasted pork, noodles, green onion, bamboo shoots and soup stock.

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While in space, the ingredients will be exposed to cosmic radiation for six months and then subjected to tests to determine the effects of such exposure. Along with the ingredients, the Falcon 9 rocket also carried raw materials for crafting ramen bowls and the shop’s signboard.

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Homeward bound: After the long space journey, the cosmic-radiated ingredients will be sent back to Earth and be used to create special ramen bowls at a grand event in time for the 2025 Osaka-Kansai International Expo. According to Unchi Corp. CEO Takahiro Matsumura, the project takes them a step closer to approaching the dream of someday having a ramen shop on Mars.

A collaborative project: The initiative is a costly endeavor and is partly funded by personally contributions from individual donors. To encourage backers, the company offered to have their names listed on a special website and featured in the upcoming new store in Nagoya.