Japanese artist converting cardboard to art

This artist crafts sculptures out of cardboard

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Name: Monami Ohno, artist:

"I don't really draw any blueprints (when making sculptures), somehow I make them without drawing a blueprint. When I create something big (in size), I would draw a rough picture to measure the size, but I don't draw something as precise as a blueprint. (Instead) I draw directly onto the cardboard and cut them out."

Her replicas include tanks, jets and characters from pop culture

The sculptures sell for around $900 U.S.

She has made over 200 sculptures

"It would be nice if people can see my work, which is made out of cardboard and recycled materials rather than plastics, and realize that there are these kinds of people who are involved in recycling."

Her work has been displayed in galleries in Japan and overseas

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