Japan rescue work continues after deadly landslides

Japanese rescue efforts were hampered on Sunday by ongoing weather concerns after fatal landslides caused by torrential rains hit the country over the weekend.

That’s according to local Kyodo news agency which added that on Saturday, about 130 buildings in the central city of Atami were affected by floods, landslides and cascading mud.

One resident, 55-year-old Naoto Date, said he's never seen such devastation before.

"We had minor landslides in the past, decades ago. However, this is the first time we had such a large scale disaster that the Self-Defense Forces and rescue crew from Tokyo's fire and disaster department needed to come. Usually even if there was a disaster, it could just be handled by the local fire department. Even my mother said that we never had such a big landslide before."

Some 700 people, including police, firefighters and the military were deployed on rescue missions, but their operations were interrupted by more rain and threats of landslides.

Kyodo reported, however, that teams successfully evacuated nearly 400 people as of Sunday morning.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told people in affected areas to remain on alert and continue to take precautions.

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