Japan to extend COVID-19 emergency lockdown

Japan was set to extend its state of emergency in Tokyo on Tuesday, as more coronavirus cases spiked across the country.

Curbs were also expected to be widened to seven more prefectures as cases overwhelm the medical system. The restrictions will include asking restaurants to close early.

And stop serving alcohol in exchange for a government subsidy. For a local part-time karaoke employee in the southwestern city of Fukuoka, it’s affected his pay check:

"The karaoke lounge has shortened its business hours, so I've got a pay cut. That's why I'm trying to cut back on my food spending and other living costs."

The extension of state emergency will extend to September 12 and some research has projected the total economic loss to set the country back nearly 11 billion U.S dollars and could slash 66,000 jobs.

Pandemic fatigue and summer vacations have also been blamed for contributing to the latest COVID-19 surge in a nation where only around 37% of people have been fully vaccinated.

Tokyo announced over 2,900 new daily cases on Monday, after a record 5,773 on Friday.

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