January 6 officer Michael Fanone visits McCarthy’s office to ‘rub it in’ as GOP leader struggles for support

Michael Fanone, a former Washington, DC Metropolitan Police officer who was injured while protecting the Capitol on January 6, 2021, visited the Capitol to witness the chaos surrounding GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy’s bid to become the speaker of the House.

Mr McCarthy lost a fourth vote on his speakership on Wednesday after three failed bids on Tuesday amid GOP infighting.

The Republican leader has been accused by his own party colleagues of “squatting” in the office of the speaker after he moved in before being elected.

Mr Fanone appeared outside the office on Wednesday morning as Mr McCarthy remained inside.

The former officer has called Mr McCarthy a “f***ing weasel b***h” after he supported former President Donald Trump despite his actions in connection to the Capitol riot.

“I heard he was having some trouble,” Mr Fanone said in the hallway outside the office, according to the Washington Times.

The former officer pointed to the wall outside the office where the name of the speaker usually is, saying “I just came here to rub it in,” according to ABC News.

“Maybe the fourth time’s the charm,” he added before the result of the latest defeat was known.

Mr Fanone has been an ardent critic of Republicans who have been soft-pedalling the 2021 insurrection.

He testified before the House Select Committee investing the siege on the Capitol, describing how he was “grabbed, beaten, tased,” as well as “called a traitor” as he worked to keep the rioters away from lawmakers.