Janna Nick won't delete 'sexy' photo despite criticism

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9 Sep – Despite receiving lewd comments from some netizens and criticism from others over her recent 'sexy' photo, actress Janna Nick stated that she will not be removing the said image from her Instagram.

The actress, who posted the said photo a week ago to wish everybody a Happy Merdeka Day, stated that she is not the kind of person who would delete her post after a backlash.

"If people said it's sexy, then it's sexy. If others said it's normal, then I'll accept that too. When you upload a photo that would spark a backlash, you just have to deal with it," she said.

The photo which started it all
The photo which started it all

Janna stated that there are other celebrities who wore sexier clothes than she did but had never been slammed by netizens.

"Maybe they're used to my boyish image before this, so they were shocked to see me in something sexier," she said.

The actress also expressed her hope that netizens would pray for her to change for the better instead, using formerly sexy rapper, Zizi Kirana's now modest style as an example.

"She used to have a sexy image, but praise be to God, she's wearing a hijab now. We don't know what the future brings," she said.

It is noted that some of the remarks made by netizens were questionable in itself, with several posting comments like, "Something is showing, but not the talent", "Wow, local fruit!" and "Sis, your apple is showing. I'm worried."

The actress usually sports a more boyish style
The actress usually sports a more boyish style

(Photo Source: Janna Nick Instagram)

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