Janna Nick unsurprised by backlash over tahfiz centre plan

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11 May – Janna Nick recently admitted that she half-expected to receive backlash after announcing that she is working on establishing her own tahfiz centre and orphanage.

The actress, who announced the said project last week, shared that there is nothing she can do when it comes to the negative response her bashers had to her good intention.

"I can already predict that this will happen, that it will be a controversy among the netizens. But I refuse to be concerned about it. Instead, I'd rather focus on finding funds to develop the centre that has long been a dream of mine," she said.

Janna added that she would leave it up to God as to whether or not what she is doing is a good thing.

"I need to be strong in facing these challenges. I refuse to let these criticisms dampen my spirit. I just hope others can help my mission in building this tahfiz centre. Let's do good in this world rather than find fault in others," she said.

Janna previously shared that she hopes to raise a RM2.0 million fund to begin construction on the centre that will be built in Kampung Bukit Kechil, Simpor, Kedah.

Janna announced her intention to open a tahfiz centre last week
Janna announced her intention to open a tahfiz centre last week

(Photo Source: Janna Nick Instagram)

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