Janna Nick buys new home for family

21 Sep – Janna Nick is elated to be able to acquire a new home for her family.

On 19 September, the actress shared a photo of her in front of the new home that she bought after two years of house-hunting, and wrote, "Praise be to God, I have succeeded in adding more to my debt. Let's work even harder."

Speaking to the media about the new house, Janna reiterated that she will have to work harder now since she has added more commitments and responsibilities to herself.

She also explained that she chose the house as the whole family will be living with her.

"My siblings and my mother, all of them will live with me. The house has yet to be renovated, and we will only move in after that. Probably by the end of next year," she said.

This is the second home for the actress, who bought her first home for around RM1 million in 2017.

Janna prepares new home for her whole family
Janna prepares new home for her whole family

(Photo Source: Janna Nick Instagram)