Janice Dickinson out of I’m a Celebrity after on-set accident sends her to hospital

Janice Dickinson has left ITV’s I’m a Celebrity... South Africa after suffering a shock on-set accident.

The American supermodel, 68, was taken to hospital after the incident, which occured after filming Friday’s episode of the all-star reality series.

On Monday’s (8 May) forthcoming episode of the show, campmate Helen Flanagan will read aloud an emotional message from Dickinson explaining her absence.

With the show having wrapped filming months ago, Dickinson has already made a full recovery.

According to ITV, the accident occurred when the contestant tripped over in camp as she was walking to the long drop overnight.

After being treated by the series’ on-site medical team, she was taken to hospital as a precaution.

Producers then made the call that it was better for Dickinson to exit the series entirely in order to recover.

Speaking about the fall in an exit interview, she said: “ I could have been the one to be second runner up or even win this series because I was just so steadfast and physiological with it. I was just waiting and biding my time with it all.

Janice Dickinson on ‘I’m a Celebrity... South Africa' (itv)
Janice Dickinson on ‘I’m a Celebrity... South Africa' (itv)

“I did my fair share in standing up, falling down. Getting my face in the dirt. I felt like they could have possibly cleaned my wounds and set me back on my path in there. But production made the right decision in the end to not send me back in.”

Dickinson continued: “I’m just sad it ended that way. I think I could have gone back in and gone on further.”

I'm A Celebrity...South Africa continues Monday at 9pm on ITV1. You can catch up on the full series on ITVX.