Jana Kramer shares a throwback photo of herself crying on the date her divorce was finalized: 'What a difference a year make'

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Jana Kramer reflects on her divorce one year after it was finalized. (Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)
Jana Kramer reflects on her divorce one year after it was finalized. (Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Jana Kramer is reflecting on her divorce from Mike Caussin, one year after their marriage legally ended.

The One Tree Hill star, who shares two children with the former NFL player, opened up on Instagram about the milestone. She shared a photo of herself hiking, as well as one of herself crying. She explained in her caption that she took the teary photo “when I got the call last year and prayed that some day I would look at it as a reminder of how far I’ve come and today it served it’s purpose.”

She began her post reflecting on that call, noting “what a difference a year makes.”

“I remember getting the inevitable call that our divorce was final and being broken… and truthfully I stayed that way for a while putting bandaids on my heart,” she explained. “It wasn’t until I looked within and did the hard work that I started to heal. I also had to own my pieces and look in the mirror for what I could do different and work on. I also had to let go. It took time but if you’re in it I promise, you will get through it.”

She reminded those going through a similar situation that each day will get “easier” and that “you will be proud of yourself for how you picked yourself up even when it was hard.”

“I look back so grateful for the bottoms I faced cause I’m a better version today for not only me but most importantly our kids,” she continued. “Healing takes time and it’s in no way linear but you will see the light in time and you will realize you are stronger than you ever thought. And when you’re lost, find your queendom, find your God because where you can’t pick up the pieces they are there to help.”

Kramer often posts about her divorce on social media, inviting her followers in on her journey of healing. One commented on the new post, “Jana, you are inspiration, you are so strong and you are a role model, because you show people to keep on going when life is too hard and heartbroken. Thank you for being you.”

Another added, “Your strength is so inspiring and beautiful! I have gone through a tough year myself and I’m still healing and growing but I know in the end it is God's plan and I know from seeing your beautiful story that I can learn from my past too.”

Kramer recently shared that she had her wedding date tattoo removed. She had an ampersand symbol inked on her wrist as a way to commemorate her healing process.

“The symbol for me is my symbol for the healing work I've done and continue to do," the Whine Down podcast host shared on Instagram earlier this week. "You can be happy AND hurt/struggle. It's holding space for both. It's saying this is hard AND it's going to be okay. Holding space for both. Holding space for all of you….AND my story is not over yet."

In April, she marked another anniversary on social media: the date she learned of Caussin’s alleged infidelity, which led her to file for divorce.

"This week is one year of finding out and being forced to file for divorce," she wrote in the Instagram post. "I honestly can't believe it's been a year but damn I'm proud of myself for how far I've come and how strong I have been. Wasn't easy to do but I’m leaving the past in the past and all the feelings that have held me back today. This photo isn't tears of sadness… it's tears of joy that I'm here stronger… even though yes at times I feel sad and I have hard days but that's the joy of healing."

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