Jana Kramer clarifies Chris Evans ‘bathroom ghosting’ incident

Jana Kramer has shut down any claims that Chris Evans “ghosted her” after a bathroom-related incident.

The 38-year-old singer clarified her remarks about her and Evans’ brief relationship on her Instagram Story on Tuesday. Her comments came after she recalled that they went on “a few dates” and opened up about an “embarrassing” bathroom-related experience that she had at his home.

On her Instagram, Kramer claimed that the media misinterpreted her story and noted that the Captain America star didn’t stop communicating with her out of nowhere, which is also known as ghosting, because of the bathroom incident.

“I can’t with the press pickups,” the One Tree Hill star wrote in the text over her video. “We all have an embarrassing story! And no he didn’t ghost me because of that.”

In the clip, Kramer emphasised her point: “First of all, he didn’t ghost me. We just stopped talking. And it wasn’t because of that.”

The “Whiskey” singer then acknowledged that her story about Evans was simply her way of sharing “an embarrassing moment”. She also encouraged her followers not to take things so seriously.

“Can we all just like, laugh at ourselves? It’s so silly,” she added.

She concluded her video by doubling down on her stance, explaining: “No, he did not ghost me. We just stopped talking, and again, like we all have an embarrassing moment in our life, right?”

On Monday’s episode of her podcast, Whine Down with Jana Kramer, the country music singer opened up about her experience casually dating Evans, who was recently named People’s sexiest man alive.


“He wasn’t Captain America yet, but he was a heartthrob cutie,” she said. “I can’t remember how many dates it was, I just remember the last date.”

Kramer shared that on her last date with Evans at his home, where he was hosting friends from Boston, she had gone to use the bathroom before going to bed.

She divulged that she had “asparagus pee,” which is when one’s pee has “a rotten-like smell” from consuming asparagusic acid, which is in asparagus products, as noted by Healthline.

“I had asparagus for dinner that night. And so I went to the bathroom, and he immediately went after me,” she said. “And so, that’s the last interaction that I remember, is him going to the bathroom after I just went to the bathroom with this asparagus pee. And never hearing from him again from the morning.”

Kramer then shared that she and Evans did not “hook up” that night and she took “the asparagus walk of shame out of his house” the next morning.

Despite the “embarrassing” interaction, Kramer also confessed that she still thinks Evans is “super sexy” and that she direct-messaged the actor “probably like a year ago”.