Jan 6 Hearings’ Clark Kent Turns Out to Be Less Than a Superhero

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The man being compared to Clark Kent at Thursday night’s Jan. 6 hearing has been mostly identified.

Politico profiled the suited-up man sporting lookalike glasses similar to those that Superman’s normal persona wears when he is on deadline for The Daily Planet.

The man is the “boyfriend of former White House deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews,” a person familiar with the matter told Politico.

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Twitter scrutinized the unknown man, also described as “the man behind Pottinger (Trump’s former deputy national security adviser),” making Clark Kent a trending topic. Users speculated his relationship status after Andy Cohen tweeted what many were thinking.

Many expected the mystery man to transform into Superman, especially because he made motions that could lead to discarding his glasses and suit. Many concluded that he was there covering the hearings for The Daily Planet.

“This is so infuriating you got Clark Kent about to go full Superman,” one user tweeted along with a picture of the man adjusting his glasses.

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Another user joked, “You know the #January6thHearing is a big deal when Clark Kent of all people is skipping San Diego Comic Con for it.”

“I bet she’s wondering how his cape fits in his suit so nicely,” one user tweeted with a photo of a woman seemingly staring at the back of Matthews’ boyfriend.

Yet another user tweeted, “I was distracted by Clark Kent … anything interesting happen at the hearing?”

More clever reactions and thoughts about the Superman-look-alike and Sarah Matthews’ boyfriend are below:

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