Jamie Otis is 'hopeful' she's pregnant despite negative test: 'Not giving up'

Jamie Otis is staying optimistic about her pregnancy journey.

On Thursday, the"Married At First Sight" star took to Instagram to share a video of herself taking an at-home pregnancy test.

Despite the negative results, Otis told fans she is "cautiously hopeful" that she'll be pregnant again in the future.

The reality star and her husband, Doug Hehner, currently share two children, a five-year-old daughter, Henley, and a two-year-old son, Hendrix.

"Got my pregnancy test," the on-screen text read, followed by "peeing in the wrapper" and "putting the correct drops of pee in the pregnancy test."

At the end of the clip, Otis said that she isn't "giving up" due to her gut instinct.

"It's negative, but I have five days until my missed period, and we tried really hard so I'm still not giving up. I think that there's still hope. I mean, I feel like I could be pregnant," she explained.

"Call me crazy but I'm cautiously hopeful still," she captioned the post for her more than 850,000 followers. "I feel so off."

Otis revealed that the possible pregnancy symptoms she's experienced could be because she recently "stopped drinking coffee."

"But the fatigue I have is next level," she penned. "I'm just so, so tired all the time."

Otis also noted that fatigue was an early symptom she felt with both of her previous pregnancies.

"So, here's cautiously hoping!" the "Bachelor" alum concluded.

In the comments, fans thanked Otis for her optimism and for opening up about her fertility journey.

"Don’t give up. I got 30 months straight of negative tests and then bam. I now have my nine-month-old baby girl!" an Instagram user shared.

"Praying for you! Crossing my fingers! There's still hope for sure," another added.

"I had the exact same thing with my second. I knew I was pregnant even though my tests were negative! Our bodies are amazing if we listen to them. I’m believing for you to get exactly what you are praying for," a fan wrote.

Another person commented: "Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us!"

"Fingers crossed for you and your family!" wrote another.

Last week the 36-year-old took to Instagram to open up about her recent fertility struggles.

"When someone tells me to 'just stop trying so hard and you'll get pregnant,'" read the on-screen text. Otis also lip-synced to audio that sarcastically quipped: "What? Haha. OK."

"Let me tell ya, we've tried 'not trying so hard' and we've tried so hard — tracking my every ovulation and then getting on it...," the mother-of-two wrote. "Even without us 'trying so hard' we still get nothing in the pregnancy department."

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