James Ng denies conflict between "The Great Soy Factory" co-stars

13 Aug – Hong Kong singer James Ng has recently dismissed the idea of a conflict between actresses Rebecca Zhu and Katy Kung.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who also starred alongside the two TVB actresses in the new drama "The Great Soy Factory", stated that he was surprised upon being asked about the rumour, which stemmed from Katy's social media post in July which many speculated to be about lead actress Rebecca.

In mid-July, Katy posted, "Everyone has been working hard and are going through the same struggles. Don't tell me that this person is not feeling well, or that person has been working long hours and then ask me to help out. I've already done so many times!"

Although she mentioned no names, the rumour was further fuelled by Rebecca's recent post, in which the actress stated that she didn't have time to go on social media.

"I know it's not easy to play the lead, and I know everybody who has experienced this would understand. So all along, I tried to share positive energy with everyone. I tried not to complain so much, and I was unwilling to explain myself too much," she wrote.

Asked if both posts were directed towards each other, James said that they have already finished filming for a month and that the two posts might have been misunderstood by others.

"Everybody was working well with each other during the shoot. We even shared meals with one another. I saw no animosity among anyone," he said.

(Photo Source: James Ng Instagram)