James Corden Explains the Hilarious Link Between Corn and James Bond (Video)

One of the weirder news items this week was about a corn maze in Illinois created to pay tribute to the 60th anniversary of the “James Bond” franchise. Yes, weird, right? But on Thursday’s “The Late Late Show,” James Corden had a pretty funny explanation for it, courtesy of the (completely made up) long link between Bond and Corn.

So for more information, go here, but the long story short, a farm outside of Chicago that claims to have the world’s largest corn maze decided, for this year, to create a tribute to the “James Bond” movies that contains very excellently done recreations of various “Bond” actors. Now to be clear, these recreations are only visible from the air — it’s a corn maze after all. Which makes it even more impressive.

But of course you might be thinking, “why?” So was Corden during his nightly breakdown of the news.

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“It’s as good, as it is weird,” Corden declared after showing a photo of the maze. “A corn maze in Spring Grove, Illinois. What a perfect way to celebrate a fictional British spy.”

“Imagine being like, ‘what are you working on?'” Corden said while imitating someone talking on a phone. “‘You’re not gonna believe this. Right now, uh I’m in Illinois actually.’ ‘What are you doing?’ ‘You’re not gonna believe this. We’re making a maze to celebrate James Bond. yeah.'”

“‘I’ve got these incredible new shears,'” Corden continued with the gag. “‘With which I’ve pruned Sean Connery’s nose brilliantly.”

“A corn maze actually makes a lot of sense, if you understand the ‘Bond’ franchise’s long relationship with corn,” Corden continued. Then he cued up 3 images of Daniel Craig, Roger Moore, and Sean Connery to prove it. We’ll pop them here below now, on the off chance you can’t watch the video, which incidentally is embedded at the top of the page right now.

James Corden Daniel Craig Corn
James Corden Roger Moore Corn
James Corden Sean Connery Corn