The new James Bond is rumored to be Aaron Taylor-Johnson. 7 past roles prove he's the perfect choice.

Daniel Craig in "No Time To Die" and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in "Bullet Train."
Daniel Craig in "No Time To Die" and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in "Bullet Train."MGM / Sony Pictures
  • Eon Productions may have chosen the next James Bond, Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

  • The Sun reported that Eon Productions offered the role to the actor after Daniel Craig stepped down.

  • Here are 7 roles that prove Taylor-Johnson is a perfect 007.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson may be the next James Bond, British tabloid newspaper The Sun reported on Tuesday, citing an unnamed source.

The source reportedly said Eon Productions, which produces the franchise, formally offered Taylor-Johnson the role. The company has been searching for a new actor to take on the character since 2022, when the previous Bond, Daniel Craig, stepped down after filming the 25th movie in the franchise, "No Time To Die."

A representative for EON Productions did not immediately respond to Business Insider's comment request. Taylor-Johnson's reps declined to comment.

Taylor-Johnson has been a frontrunner for the role, but Idris Elba, Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, and Regé Jean-Page have also emerged as fan favorites.

Launching 61 years ago, the "Bond" films make up one of the highest-grossing franchises ever, pulling in $5 billion across 25 movies, according to Box Office Mojo. Two additional "Bond" movies, "Never Say Never" and the 1967 version of "Casino Royale" were not made by EON productions.

In 2015, researchers at the London School of Marketing estimated that the brand was worth $19.9bn, including DVD sales and merchandising, the International Business Times UK reported.

"Bond 26," the next movie, will likely be a hard reset for the franchise since Craig's Bond died in his final mission in "No Time To Die."

In 2022, Michael G. Wilson, co-owner of EON productions and a producer of the "Bond" movies, said during a London BFI event that they were looking for someone in their 30s to be the next 007.

In walks Taylor-Johnson, 33, who has not only starred in spy films before but has also taken part in major movie productions, giving him the skills to handle the juggernaut "Bond" franchise.

Here are seven roles that prove Taylor Johnson is ready to be the world's greatest spy.

Sergei Kravinoff in "Kraven The Hunter"

Aaron Taylor-Johnson on the poster for "Kraven the Hunter."
Aaron Taylor-Johnson on the poster for "Kraven the Hunter."Sony Pictures

After the critical failure of "Madame Web," Sony likely hopes their Spider-Man universe will bounce back in August with "Kraven The Hunter," an action movie about a superpowered hunter called Sergei Kravinoff.

Time will tell if the movie is good, but a role like this is a perfect precursor to becoming James Bond. Granted, Taylor-Johnson is unlikely to jump off walls like a superhero in Bond movies, but it gives the actor a chance to lead a blockbuster that's a relatively grounded thriller.

The lead in "Kick-Ass"

kick ass
Aaron Taylor-Johnson in "Kick-Ass."Marv Films

Over a decade before Taylor-Johnson starred in "Kraven The Hunter," he was the lead of his first-ever comic adaptation, "Kick-Ass."

He played the titular character, a normal teenager who tries to become a superhero. This movie and its sequel, "Kick-Ass 2," started Taylor-Johnson's journey in acting in big action blockbusters.

The character spending most of the movie getting beaten up puts Taylor-Johnson in good stead for the big stunts that fans expect to see in the Bond movies.

Tangerine in "Bullet Train"

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tangerine in "Bullet Train."
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tangerine in "Bullet Train."Sony Pictures

The perfect Bond needs to be suave, confident, and have a great sense of humor.

Taylor-Johnson had all these qualities and more when he played Tangerine in the crime movie "Bullet Train." Taylor-Johnson stole the show in a film full of stars, from Brad Pitt to Sandra Bullock. His performance was hilarious and he had charisma, leading to multiple fan-cam edits from the movie being shared on social media.

Pietro Maximoff in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and Lieutenant Ford in 2014's "Godzilla"

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen in "Avengers: Age of Ultron."
Aaron Taylor-Johnson in "Avengers: Age of Ultron."Marvel Studios

There is a vast difference between starring in a typical blockbuster and one of the biggest franchises in the world. Good thing, then, that Taylor-Johnson has starred in two franchise juggernauts.

He played Quicksilver in two Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, and starred in Gareth Edwards' "Godzilla" movie in 2014.

Taylor-Johnson has also starred in spy blockbusters including "Tenet." In the 2020 Christopher Nolan-director movie, Taylor-Johnson played a stern commander, showing he has the range to play goofy and more serious characters.

John Lennon in "Nowhere Boy"

aaron taylor johnson nowhere boy 1
Aaron Taylor-Johnson in "Nowhere Boy."Film4

While 007 is known for his flashy cars, cool action scenes, and love for Martinis, recent Bond movies explored the character's humanity. So, the perfect Bond actor needs to be sensitive and able to portray complex characters.

Taylor-Johnson showed he could do this when he portrayed John Lennon in "Nowhere Boy," the actor's current second-highest-rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics praised Taylor-Johnson's ability to portray Lennon's wit as well as his anger and pain.

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