Jake Paul Goes Off on UFC President in Insult-Laden Video: ‘You’re the Definition of a F-ing Unhappy Billionaire’ (Video)

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Jake Paul and UFC President Dana White have escalated their Twitter swipes at each other into all-out video wars this weekend, with the fighter insulting White Sunday about everything from his looks to his money.

The war of words began last week when Paul challenged White to increase the pay for MMA fighters, as well as extend long-term healthcare in an effort to help treat any brain damage sustained in fights. Paul’s challenge came in response to one from White himself, who said Paul could test him for cocaine use at will for the next decade if White could randomly test Paul for steroid use over the next two years.

“Steroid test me whenever the f— you want,” a fired-up Paul said in a new video. “It is two weeks after my fight, and I am a fat bitch. I don’t do steroids, and I take it as a compliment because there’s no other excuse to me knocking out all of your champions than ‘This kid does steroids.'”

Paul added a stipulation to that though. “If you steroid test me, then I want to steroid test every one of your fighters,” he amended.

From there, the YouTube star-turned-boxer insulted every aspect of White that came to mind, saying that White was “ruining” his vacation on the beach.

“You have been caught with cocaine and hookers every other week,” Paul said, waving a fat cigar, a drink and a slice of pizza. “And you’d think that, like, with all the money that you have, like ‘billionaire’ or some s—, that you would get some f—ing Botox. ‘Cause your forehead looks like a motherf—ing GPS Google map, like, all the lines in it and s—.”

Tossed in sporadically throughout the video, Paul stitched in an edited clip of White’s last video to him, in which White said, “You publicly stated that I use cocaine.” Paul’s edited version cuts to the latter half of the sentence, making it look as if White had a white residue under his nose and was saying “I use cocaine.”

White’s assertion that Paul “can’t sell pay-per-views” also set off the boxer, saying that he called out Jorge Masvidal because he’s “a pay-per-view superstar.”

“Do you realize that my mom Pam gets more likes than your pay-per-view superstars,” Paul said, comparing one of his mother’s Instagram posts to the last one posted by Masvidal.

You can watch the full video from Jake Paul below.

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