Jake Paul Is Getting Dragged on Twitter for Saying “Anxiety Is Created by You”

Starr Bowenbank
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From Cosmopolitan

  • Yesterday, Jake Paul tweeted that people create their own anxiety.
  • People on Twitter are genuinely upset about it and called Jake out.

Ah, it never fails to amaze me how problematic Jake Paul can be at times. But even if you put aside his entire fake marriage to Tana Mongeau, forget that people outed him as a bully in high school, and somehow ignore the fact that he’s openly made xenophobic comments in his YouTube videos in the hopes that Jake has grown as a person since then, he still does stuff to draw the internet’s ire. Now, Jake is out here claiming that anxiety is 100 percent self-created, and I just have to laugh.

On Twitter, Jake thought it was a good idea to tweet, “Remember anxiety is created by you. Sometimes you gotta let life play out and remind yourself to be happy & that the answers will come. Chill your mind out. Go for a walk. Talk to a friend.” Right, because it is just that easy for people with actual diagnosed anxiety disorders to just “chill out”!

Photo credit: @jakepaul - Twitter

People were less than pleased, to say the least:

After (understandably) receiving backlash for his insensitive tweet, Jake clarified what he meant and claimed he was trying to spread the word about anxiety...which, what? “Everyone clowning my tweet but it’s now spreading more awareness about anxiety which I didn’t even know was a thing till I was 18 but had it my whole life & never knew how to deal with it,” he wrote, adding a link to an article about how to handle anxiety.

Of course, Jake’s attempt at appeasing the masses fell flat. “Your tweet is dangerous to your young impressionable audience. Anxiety is bad enough as it is, but now you’re trying to make it seem like it’s our fault that we feel anxious,” an angry Twitter user wrote. “It’s just so invalidating and shortsighted. You should delete it.” Shortly after, Jake did remove it.

Welp, it looks like we’re just gonna have to stay tuned to see what insensitive thing Jake does next.

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