Jake Paul apologises for leaking birth of Tommy Fury’s baby: ‘I didn’t mean to’

Jake Paul has apologised to boxing rival Tommy Fury for leaking news about the birth of the latter’s daughter with Molly-Mae Hague.

The YouTube star-turned-boxer made a peace offering over the matter by gifting a “really nice designer baby brand” present to Fury ahead of their fight this Sunday (26 February) in Saudi Arabia.

Following a tense press conference between the rivals this week, Paul and Fury sat down face-to-face for an interview.

Paul, 26, said: “I apologise actually for leaking your baby’s announcement. I honestly didn’t mean to say that before. I just want to say that I didn’t mean to leak that announcement. I’ve actually got a gift for Bambi, this is like a really nice designer baby brand.”

He handed Fury a white box with a ribbon closure, which the 23-year-old former Love Island contestant accepted.

Fury replied: “Well, thank you very much. I’m sure she will appreciate it.” His father, John, stepped into the interview to shake Paul’s hand and said: “Let me shake this man’s hand, because you’ve gone up one million per cent in my estimation. May the best man win, appreciate it, may the best man win, mate. Good lad.”

On 27 January, before Fury or Hague had confirmed whether their first child had been born, Paul tweeted about his upcoming boxing match with Fury and said he had “no excuses now” because “baby’s born”.

He was sharply rebuked by fans for leaking the news before the couple had the chance to announce the birth.

One person said: “Jake Paul announcing the birth of someone else’s baby before they do seems cruel to me, I feel like he robbed them of a special moment for, what, a cheap shot?”


Three days after Paul’s tweet, Hague and Fury officially announced that their baby girl had been born and confirmed she came into the world on 23 January. The couple later confirmed her Disney-inspired name, Bambi.

This week, Fury praised Hague after admitting she has been looking after their newborn baby “by herself” while he is tied up with training for his fight.

He said: “She hasn’t bothered me once about anything, she’s been absolutely amazing, and she’s got through everything by herself.”

Fury added that as it’s “such a serious fight”, he cannot break his training, describing it as a sacrifice he has made.