Jair Bolsonaro investigated for role in Brasilia riots

STORY: Brazil's former right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro has been named in the Brazil Supreme Court's investigation into the storming of government buildings by his supporters.

Federal prosecutors in a statement say Bolsonaro will be investigated for possible "instigation and intellectual authorship of the anti-democratic acts that resulted in vandalism and violence".

Thousands of Bolsonaro supporters vandalized the Supreme Court, Congress and presidential palace last weekend in Brasilia, calling for a military coup that would oust new President Lula da Silva and restore the right-wing leader to power.

Bolsonaro is currently in the United States.

He left Brazil on the eve of the end of his term, and avoided passing the presidential sash to his leftist rival who bested him in the October elections.

Brazil's Supreme Court had already issued an arrest warrant for Bolsonaro's former justice minister Anderson Torres, for allowing the protests to take place, after he took responsibility for the capital's public security.

Torres, who like Bolsonaro is in Florida, has said he plans to return to Brazil and turn himself in.

Bolsonaro said on social media he will move forward his return to Brazil.

The right-wing former leader faces several probes for anti-democratic statements he made as president, including repeated claims that the electoral system was open to fraud.

Brazilian justice minister Flavio Dino said he has made no requests to the United States regarding Bolsonaro.