Jailed ex-Marine to keep fighting for transfer from Russia

Paul Whelan, the former U.S. Marine convicted by Russia of spying, will continue to fight for his transfer to the United States despite losing a court appeal on Monday (November 8).

That's according to Interfax news agency.

Whelan, who holds U.S., British, Canadian and Irish passports, was sentenced last year to 16 years' jail.

He denies espionage and has said he was set up in a sting operation. Washington has demanded his release.

Vladimir Zherebenkov is one of his lawyers:

"This verdict is unfounded. We will appeal it in the court of cassation because in my point of view Paul was refused access to the court. Since the beginning, there were no legal proceedings, no exchange of arguments, addition of some evidence documents. The court refused to hear the issue of expulsion to the United States of America for serving a sentence."

Whelan has said he hoped to be freed as part of a prisoner swap.

Moscow said that Whelan had been caught red-handed with classified information in a Moscow hotel room where agents from the Federal Security Service detained him in December 2018.

Whelan said he was in Russia for a wedding, and was set up by a Russian man he thought was a friend.

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