Jacky Wu: Shin Lung is still in grief over Serina Liu's passing

27 Mar – Taiwanese entertainer Jacky Wu recently told reporters that singer Shin Lung is still not in the right state of mind to appear in front of everybody to talk about the death of his wife, actress-dancer Serina Liu.

As reported on Epoch Times, the television host, who was approached by the media following news of Serina's passing, stated that Shin is still in grief following his loss, but that everybody is encouraging him to live bravely for the sake of their four-year-old daughter.

"We also told him to remember that Serina had spent the best part of her life with him," he said.

Jacky also said that they were thankful that Ko Wen-je -Taipei mayor and former doctor at the National Taiwan University Hospital - made a visit to the family and spoke to Shin Lung.

"From the professional medicine point of view, there really was no chance," he added.

The host revealed that a funeral for Serina is expected to be held this week. They are currently still arranging matters with the church involved.

Serina passed away on 22 March, more than a month since she fell into a coma while undergoing a heart valve repair surgery at Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

She was 44.

(Photo Source: Seehua)