Jacky Wu and his "Mr. Player" team filmed in Penang for four days

26 Apr - It was revealed that Jacky Wu and his band of variety show pals have been in the Malaysian island of Penang to shoot their hit programme, "Mr. Player"

The team started a four-day filming of the programme back on 23 April, with Jacky, KID Lin and Kunda Hsieh being accompanied by guest stars such as Yumi Lin, Christina Tseng, Joseph Ma, Yvonne Liang, Yuan Ko, and Eason Huang.

They were also seen at the New World Park Food Court in George Town, playing games and recording the show while enjoying Penang delicacies.

Jacky's shooting in Penang will help promote the island
Jacky's shooting in Penang will help promote the island

Penang State Executive Councilor for Tourism and Creative Economy Affairs Wong Hon Wai also issued a statement welcoming the team to Penang, saying that the variety show's choice of Penang as the filming location highlighted Penang's growing reputation as a premier destination for film and television production in the international market.

He also said that Penang has a long history of cultural heritage, diverse delicacies, and breathtaking scenery, and that the team having gone and visit some iconic landmarks will help promote Penang to future tourists.

This is not the first time that the team has filmed in Penang. They have previously visited the island in 2015 and 2019.

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily, Sin Chew)