Jack Savoretti explains why he asked his band to smarten up: 'Pop stars need to dress the part'

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Jack Savoretti has asked his band members to dress smartly as it gives them more confidence (Image: Getty Images)
Jack Savoretti has asked his band members to dress smartly as it gives them more confidence (Image: Getty Images)

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Jack Savoretti has revealed he and his band are taking a leaf out of Frank Sinatra’s book and dressing the part, even when they're not on stage.

The 37-year-old said he first noticed how much clothes made a difference to their performance when he went out on tour with his last album Singing To Strangers

Speaking on White Wine Question Time, he said that clothing can really transform you, as he witnessed with his band on stage.

“I remember when we started touring a lot, especially Singing To Strangers, I started asking the guys to dress a certain way, to just make an effort,” he told podcast host Kate Thornton.

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“These guys just became something unreal and wonderful and almost untouchable. They walked out dressed to the nines and they played differently. They acted differently and there was, amongst each other, respect for each other. It was really strange.”

After seeing the change in their performance on stage, Savoretti told Thornton that he took it one step further and asked everyone to keep to the slick dressing while in the recording studio.

OLYMPIA THEATRE, DUBLIN, IRELAND - 2019/05/26: English solo acoustic singer Jack Savoretti seen performing on stage in Dublin's Olympia Theatre. (Photo by Ben Ryan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
ack Savoretti seen performing on stage with his band. (Ben Ryan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

“I made it a rule on the last album — and on this album — you show up to the studio, like you will show up on stage,” he explained.

“When I say a rule, it's not like it was indoctrinated… They all agreed to it. And it changed the way we work. It changed the way we behaved in the studio, big time. Everybody treated the studio, let alone each other, with much more respect.

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“And I think you hear that in the music, in the sense a made it more dignified. It just made it more confident. Everybody was just sort of, they were more confident within themselves the same way when you put on a great suit, or a great jacket or a great outfit. It does make you feel good for that for that moment.”

Savoretti, who is releasing his seventh album Europiana at the end of June, said he and his bandmates were inspired by the likes of Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra, who unlike many modern pop stars, used to “dress to go to work”.

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“You couldn't show up to a session with Quincy Jones in your flip flops and jeans and a T shirt - that wouldn't happen,” he exclaimed.

“You wore your best suit, your best hat. There's a reason why Frank Sinatra showed up to Capitol Studios looking like that because it was a job.”

Frank Sinatra always wore a suit, tie and hat when he hit the recording studio. (Photo by Gilles Petard/Redferns)
Frank Sinatra always wore a suit, tie and hat when he hit the recording studio. (Photo by Gilles Petard/Redferns)

While Savoretti likes dressing up for the stage, citing his father’s ‘60s and ‘70s looks as a big influence on his style, he says there are those times in the creative process that he’s a lot more dressed down, in particular when he’s writing songs.

“Writing isn't about performing,” he told Thornton.

“Writing is like looking for treasure, so it's sort of like you're out in the field. I wouldn't wear a suit when I was digging for treasure, but I like to wear a suit when I show the world what I found.”

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