J-Kom refutes alleged employee claiming RM15k salary

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J-Kom refutes alleged employee claiming RM15k salary
J-Kom refutes alleged employee claiming RM15k salary

The Community Communications Department (J-Kom) has dismissed an allegation by a certain individual who claimed that J-Kom pays him a monthly salary of RM15,000.

In a statement, J-Kom said the individual, who alleged that he works for J-Kom in a viral clip, is not an employee of the department and that it has nothing to do with the clip.

"Such a baseless accusation is unethical and irresponsible while creating confusion among the public," the statement read.

In the one-minute clip circulated on social media yesterday, a man, who is confronted by another man over an issue, explained that J-Kom pays him RM15,000 a month.

"I have to do my work in J-Kom. I get RM15,000 a month, so I have to do my work," he's heard saying.

While it's not immediately known the location and the reason behind the dispute, a Twitter user @PointMHD, who shared the video claimed that the issue was triggered after the man labelled certain Umno Youth members as cowards.

"So, they (Umno Youth members) confronted him. He justified that he's only doing his job for J-Kom," said the user.

J-Kom was rebranded from the controversial Special Affairs Department (Jasa) which was said to be used as a political propaganda tool.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Saifuddin Abdullah had explained that J-Kom is not a political tool and would be set up according to districts instead of parliamentary constituencies.

Meanwhile, Saifuddin's press secretary told Malaysiakini that he would inform the media once the police report is lodged over the viral clip.