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I've trekked and camped all over the world — these are my 10 outdoor essentials

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Whether you're a bonafide globetrotter or simply love the great outdoors, this gear will make all your travels comfier, smarter and safer. (Amazon)

Here's a fun fact: I've camped in multiple countries all over the world, including Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines. I've seen a lot of strange things (and had rocks thrown at me by a monkey!). I wasn't always prepared for the conditions I encountered (and some of these trips were years ago, before all these fun gadgets existed). But now, if I could build my dream camping bag? It would hold all of these items.

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Sleeping on the ground is never as comfortable as sleeping in a hammock, especially if the ground is wet or damp. This hammock packs up small and can easily fit in a backpack — plus, it's currently 40% off in some colors. In humid conditions, sleeping in a hammock is preferable to sleeping on the ground, too — you get a lot better airflow and stay cooler. 

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When the time comes that you do have to sleep on the ground, a quality pad is essential for protecting you from the cold. There was one night in Japan when I had to sleep under a gazebo and, boy, one of these would've been a godsend. This ultralight, inflatable sleeping pad has everything you need for a satisfying night's slumber while on the trail. It even includes a patch kit and is available in loads of colors (though the orange option — currently 45% off — is the best deal). 

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Not to get all dramatic, but the LifeStraw is so well known because it could literally save your life. Whether you're trekking in your local nature preserve or abroad in a country with less than trustworthy water-purifying standards, just stick it into a stream, river or lake and out comes filtered, clean, potable water. I don't travel without it. 

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Anyone who tells you that you can't cook delicious food while camping just hasn't been shaken out of their granola-overdose delusions. You can whip up any number of delicious entrees over a campfire, especially if you've got one of these. This 10-piece kit includes a pot, pan, covers, utensils and several other accessories that will help you crank out gourmet-worthy eats, even in the middle of nowhere. 

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I visited both Vietnam and Japan during some of the warmest months of the year, so suffice it to say, I drank a lot of water. At the same time, carrying an empty water bottle around is a waste of space, which is why these collapsible ones are so ingenious. You can smush them down and store them in a side pocket of your backpack, rather than hauling them around and feeling them swing up against your back with every step. 

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Ever tried to set up a tent in the dark? Let me tell you, it's a pain. That's why a headlamp is important, and a better option than a flashlight — you can stay hands-free and still see. This two-pack is just $11. It's a small investment that will go a long way. This headlamp is especially cool because it has a red-light option, which I recommend for late-night tent-pitching sessions. You'll be able to see clearly and it won't mess with your night vision as much. 

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When I camp, I try to avoid electronics — but I still carry my phone with me in case of emergencies. So I like to have a backup power source on hand, and these Loveledi chargers provide 15,000mAh of charge and are just $10 each — nearly 80% off.

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Do us a favor: Please don't think you can secure firewood by snapping branches apart with your hand or foot — you're the one who'll end up with a broken limb. Conversely, a few strikes with this handy hatchet will cut them down to size lickety-split.

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Once you settle into camp, you might not be ready for bed yet. Maybe the sounds of wildlife are keeping you up, maybe you want to play cards for a while, or maybe you just want to read a Stephen King story in the middle of nowhere (not that we recommend that). Whatever the reason, you can't go wrong with this collapsible, solar-powered camp lantern, especially when it's just $20. When it's time to load up and move on, just fold it up, it'll take up next to no space. 

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Camping is no excuse not to have great coffee. I can't start the day without it, and the Aeropress actually IS one item I carried across multiple countries. It made it easy to brew up a pot of joe first thing in the morning and made even the cheapest coffee grounds taste delicious. If you're a java junkie who's planning a journey, add this to your kit. 

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