Ivanka Must Testify in Trump Fraud Case, Judge Rules

Ivanka Trump must testify in a civil fraud lawsuit brought by the state of New York against her father, Donald Trump,, several of his adult children, and former employees of the Trump Organization.

Judge Arthur Engoron ruled on Friday that Ivanka Trump must appear in person to submit her testimony to the court. Engoron has already ruled that Trump and his companies were liable for fraud. The ongoing trial will establish what is owed to the state in damages.

New York Attorney General Letitia James wrote in a Thursday court filing that “while no longer a Defendant in this action, [Ivanka Trump] indisputably has personal knowledge of facts relevant to the claims against the remaining individual and entity Defendants,” James’ motion added: “But even beyond that, Ms. Trump remains financially and professionally intertwined with the Trump Organization and other Defendants and can be called as a person still under their control.”

Lawyers for Ivanka claimed that her departure from the Trump Organization in 2017 was grounds to throw out the subpoenas requesting her testimony. While Ivanka was removed as a defendant in December, Engoron stated that her past involvement in the Trump Organization’s management, and her continued ownership of properties in New York, merited in-person testimony.

“Ms. Trump has clearly availed herself of the privilege of doing business in New York,” Engoron told the court. “I want to see her in person. That is how we prefer testimony.”

Engoron indicated that he would not schedule her testimony until early November.

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