ITV America and Good Company Announce Unscripted Ballroom Series ‘Category Is’ (EXCLUSIVE)

ITV America (“Queer Eye”) and production studio Good Company (Beyonce’s “Lemonade”) have announced new unscripted series “Category Is” (working title), an eight-episode documentary series focusing on New York City’s Ballroom scene through the lens of one of its most prominent houses: The House of Miyake-Mugler.

Executive produced by Yusef Williams (“Overall Father” of the House of Miyake-Mugler), the series chronicles the personal and professional lives of nine members of this all-Black and queer “chosen family.” Power struggles, romance and interpersonal rivalries abound as they battle to make names for themselves in the House, the Ballroom scene and around the world, smashing stereotypes and overcoming tremendous adversity.

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Williams (Yusef Mugler) is featured in the documentary as the head of the House. A celebrity hairstylist, Williams hopes to cement his legacy while keeping members of this hot-headed, strong-willed troupe united and at the top of their game.

“Legendary” alum Tati Mugler serves as the “Princess” of the House and is a trans woman fighting to overcome a crisis of confidence while still being a source of mentorship to the House’s younger generation.

An ex-“NYC Mother” of the House, Leyna Bloom made history as the first trans actress and model to premiere a film at Cannes Film Festival, and the first trans woman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. Bloom was previously a leader in the House before a public feud with Williams led her to leave. Years later, she’s returned and is looking to mend some of her relationships.

Exotic Mugler, a famous face among the Ballroom scene, serves as the “Overall Mother” of the House who works to keep all the children in line and the House performing at the highest level. But, an unexpected shakeup in the House takes place when Williams recruits Exotic’s ex-boyfriend, AJ, as a prospective member.

Roz Mugler, the outspoken “Prince” of the House, knows the importance of having his chosen family behind him when things go off the rails, but he often finds himself clashing with the younger generation who refuse to bow to his unsolicited words of wisdom.

Chanel Mugler, a trans woman, is the proclaimed goofball of the House and “Queen of OnlyFans.” As she prepares to make her first million dollars through her internet business, Chanel prepares herself to make a change, pursuing comedy as her next chapter.

The only cis-gendered woman in the cast, Lolita Mugler is a full-time recording artist and is on the verge of achieving “Legendary” status in the scene. She serves as the peacemaker of the family.

Nineteen-year-old Brooklyn Mugler is a rising Ballroom superstar who has never lost a battle, and she’s got the ego to prove it.

AJ, a Bronx school teacher by day and Instagram model by night, is obsessed with Ballroom and is hopeful to join the House of Miyaki-Mugler. However, his unresolved feelings for ex-boyfriend Exotic may affect his chances of making the cut.

“Category Is,” which has already been filmed, marks the first project under a new model in which ITV and Good Company are launching full-scale, funded productions prior to shopping them to prospective platforms and networks. The documentary was financed by a third party.

In addition to Williams, director Loïc Maes, and showrunner Brandon Panaligan (“Bling Empire”) also executive produce. Ari Kolber (“RuPaul’s Drag Race”) serves as co-executive producer. The series is currently being shopped.

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