It's not too late to chase a fantasy football championship — join a 10-team public league now!

Apologies for diving super-deep into analytics right here at the top, but Yahoo data scientists have truly outdone themselves this time: Apparently, the more fantasy leagues you play, the more likely you are to actually win one of them.

That's right, READ IT AGAIN: More leagues, more winning, more glory.

As wild and counterintuitive as this may sound, our top researchers insist the math checks out.

If you'd like to grow your fantasy portfolio, Yahoo offers a few quick-and-easy ways to do it:

Fantasy draft season certainly doesn't end when the actual NFL season is underway. Around here, we continue assembling rosters. In fact, if the squad you drafted back in August has already been hit by injuries and contract disputes, we strongly encourage you to assemble another team — diversify your holdings, like any savvy investor.

And, again, boost your odds of winning one of these beauties:

It's your turn to add some hardware.
It's your turn to add some hardware.

If you're one of those hardcore deep-league managers who doesn't typically play many 10-team public-style formats, you're going to find it incredibly refreshing. Liberating. Perhaps even life-affirming. At the very least, you're going to absolutely love your squad at the end of the draft.

As we've demonstrated repeatedly through various mocks and re-mocks, pretty much any strategy is viable in a 10-teamer, without penalty. Replacement value is high at every position. You can grab a quarterback in the second round without suffering at running back or receiver. You can get aggressive with rookies at all positions because plenty of serviceable vets will be available throughout the season. You can safely take a tight end in the fir—

Well, OK, there was only one tight end worthy of a first round pick and now he's dinged, so you probably shouldn't go down that particular path. But even if you do, your roster certainly won't be wrecked.

Honestly, wrapping up your 2023 drafting experience with a 10-team public league or two (or more) is a stellar way to conclude. When you review those rosters, you will truly feel that you've mastered the fantasy arts. Earn the sort of draft grade you'd never receive in a 16-team superflex league.

And for those of you who haven't yet drafted a team ... what gives? You're obviously interested, or you wouldn't be here, a teamless manager still reading fantasy content. Every NFL season is a glorious, chaotic pageant. There's no better way to take your football experience to a new level than being feverishly, obsessively invested in a fantasy roster.

Never played before, but you'd like to dive in? No worries, here are the basics on how to play fantasy football. When you're ready to start prepping, our draft kit is a one-stop shop to make your first fantasy experience a winning one.

Get back in the game, people, and maximize those trophy chances.

Note: Drafts completed Thursday, Sept. 7, through Wednesday, Sept. 13, will begin scoring for Week 2.