Italy stabbing: Scenes after incident that killed 1 and injured 5 others

A 46-year-old Italian man named Andrea Tombolini, who suffers from mental health issues, stabbed five people inside a Carrefour supermarket yesterday (October 27) in Assago, a town in the Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy. This footage shows ambulances, police cars, and emergency services at the scene, as well as people standing in front of the supermarket. One man, Luis Fernando Ruggieri, died in the stabbing. The supermarket worker suffered severe wounds and was already in cardiac arrest when the ambulance arrived. Massimo, the filmer, said: "I was at Leroy Merlin and the situation was ok there. After more or less 40 minutes, the area was completely blocked by police. There was a lot of traffic. I initially thought that it was just a car accident, so I decided to go to the Carrefour supermarket to avoid the queue. I understood something was wrong when I arrived at the entrance of the shop. Almost all shops were open, but there was a strange queue outside the car park. Most of the victims were already being brought away when I arrived, however, emergency services were still treating someone near the department where mineral water is sold". Among the victims of the attack is Monza's footballer Pablo Marì. He has already undergone back surgery and will resume playing in two months. Today (October 28), the supermarket has remained closed.