Italy sees violent protests against restrictions

Angry protests flared in at least two major cities in Italy on Monday night (October 26) against a new round of government restrictions, including nightly curfews - and violence has followed some of the demonstrations.

Witnesses say a number of luxury stores, including a Gucci fashion shop, were looted in Turin as crowds of youths took to the streets after nightfall, letting off huge firecrackers and lighting colored flares.

Police responded with volleys of tear gas.

There were also clashes in Milan, whose surrounding areas were hit hard in the early stages of the pandemic.

There were chants of ”Freedom, freedom, freedom," from crowds, as they confronted police in the city center.

Protests have gathered in around a dozen other cities at the start of the week to immediately pushback against the renewed restrictions.

Bars and restaurants have been ordered to close by 6 p.m. and public gyms, cinemas and swimming pools have also been shut.

Business owners have expressed fears that the new restrictions could bankrupt them.

The government has promised to present a package of measures to support businesses hurt by the new restrictions and calm tensions.

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