Italian workplaces prepare for worker 'Green Pass'

Fears are growing in Italy over a new workplace health pass

LOCATION: Rome, Italy

Employees will need a so-called 'Green Pass' certificate to go to work

It's already a requirement for entering museums, gyms and restaurants

From October 15, workers without one can be suspended without pay

They could also face fines, but cannot be sacked

(SOUNDBITE) (Italian) RESTAURANT OWNER, ILARIO MARTELLI, SAYING:“Me and all my workers are vaccinated but for our own personal interests not because of politics or anything. The obligation to have the Green Pass, if it is an order we will stick to that order, we will respect it. We already ask for the Green Pass and people show it to us, I’ve never come across anyone who is against this.”

The government was hoping for a surge in vaccinations

However, fears are growing that the measure will cause staff shortages

and disruptions for firms and public services

(SOUNDBITE) (Italian) DOCTOR AND VACCINE CENTRE CO-ORDINATOR, LETIZIA SCIORTINO, SAYING:“The numbers have increased especially for the first doses which have risen over the past few days because many people need the Green Pass for work.”

(SOUNDBITE) (Italian) ROME RESIDENT WAITING TO BE VACCINATED, ANTONELLA BALDASSARRI, SAYING:“I’m obliged to. In one way or another they’re making you do it even if you don’t want to.”

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