Italian Mother Wins Court Case to Evict Two Lazy Sons in Their 40s

Francesco Carta/Getty
Francesco Carta/Getty

An Italian woman, 75, has won a case to evict her freeloading adult sons from her home, according to the Italian news agency ANSA. Her sons, aged 40 and 42, both have jobs but rejected the idea of moving out. They also refused to do chores or pay for costs around the house, despite their mom’s protestations. La Provincia Pavese reported that Judge Simona Caterbi said that the living situation “no longer appears justifiable” given the sons’ ages and decided that they must leave their mom’s Pavia home by Dec. 18. The Guardian reported that in 2022, 70 percent of people in Italy aged between 18 and 34 lived in their parents’ home. This percentage of bamboccioni, or big babies, a term coined by an Italian politician criticizing young adults who lived with their parents, has risen in recent years due to high unemployment.

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