Italian indoor gyms reopen after 7 months of closure

The only options for so long have been training at home with online classes or outdoors when the weather has been up to scratch - but nothing beats a workout in an actual gym.

At the 'Physical Village' gym in eastern Rome, most people were pumping weights wearing masks although the gym was not totally full as they are limiting numbers as part of Covid rules. Access to the weights room and group classes must be booked online.

Italian gyms have had to shut their doors since October 26 last year when the country was facing a rise in coronavirus infections. It's been the longest closure of gyms since the pandemic - they had to close for almost three months during the first lockdown, re-opened at the end of May, only to close again five months later.

Gyms had been due to re-open on June 1 but the government announced last week they would be allowed to reopen a week earlier than scheduled thanks to a decline in coronavirus contagion. Indoor swimming pools are due to re-open on July 1.

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