Italian band 'Måneskin' wins Eurovision 2021

Eurovision's newest winner has been crowned.

The top prize this year went to Italy's glam rock band Maneskin, whose anthem 'Zitti e Buoni' swept the public vote, which counts for half the points.

They also beat out professional jury favourites Switzerland and France in the process.

Vocalist Damiano David celebrated true to glam rock form.

"It's an unbelievable feeling. We feel like everything we did since the day we met, since the day we started playing on the streets is really making sense. It's worth it."

The world's most popular live music event returned this year in the Netherlands, after being cancelled last year because of the global health crisis.

The audience was a lot smaller this year - and a lot less international.

3,500 people were in attendance after stringent testing - and were mostly Dutch.

And after more than 30 years, the Italians were happy bringing the win back home to one of the countries most affected by the crisis.

"It's just so important for us that it's coming to Italy because we think it could be a message of hope

because of this hard year we've been through."

Maneskin's winning song is unlike the kitschy pop that Eurovision is known for.

But it was a favourite with bookmakers and fans before the contest.

One Eurovision blogger said the song seemed perfect for European fans who have been stuck in lockdown.

The television show draws an audience of about 200 million every year.

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