Israelis flock to malls and cafes during Passover

A return to normal on Monday (March 29), as thousands flocked to shopping malls, city centers, parks, and beaches across Israel.

The country relaxed into a Passover much freer than in 2020.

The Jewish holiday began on March 27, just two days after the health ministry announced that half the country had received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, a world beating rollout.

This time last year, Israel was locked down and families confined to their homes, but this year the mood is very different.

"We feel pretty good now that everything seems to start opening. It's been a long time since we went outside, the entire family, and it feels like we are coming back to life."

''We have gone through three lockdowns now, there is always a fourth lockdown hanging over us, but, you know, for now we are enjoying freedom, we are enjoying being out in the sun and just, you know, waiting to go to the beach and summer is just around the corner.''

Israel began easing a nationwide lockdown in late February.

Most businesses and schools, as well as airports, have gradually resumed activity - with caps on capacity.