Israeli town abuzz with delivery drones

Israel is laying the groundwork for a national drone network

It has begun trialing these delivery drones

Location: Hadera, Israel

The drones are being controlled over 34 miles away in Haifa

by national authorities from a central control room

This is the first live trial of a two-year test phase

that looks to eliminate fears of mid-air collisions or crashes

(SOUNDBITE) (English) AIRWAYZ CO-FOUNDER AND CEO, EYAL ZOR, SAYING:"It is a world first because first time you know there is massive operation of drones over the urban sky testing multiple operation simultaneously just to make sure that we can do it safely and efficiently. / It's going to take two years from now. We are going to see multiple drones flying over the city, like we're building new skies and we are going to get used to drones doing safely delivery over our heads."