Israeli settlers export wine to UAE

Labelled "from the land of Israel" wine produced in an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank is expected to soon be available for sale in the United Arab Emirates.

Bottles from Tura Winery are now in stock in the UAE, an alcohol retailer there said.

Although they did not appear to be on shelves yet.

The winery's owner, Vered Ben-Sa'adon, told Reuters the exports showed that new Israel-UAE ties also extended to settlements on West Bank land:

"It's very exciting for people in the UAE to feel the peace process, to be a part of it. When you sit in a hotel in Abu Dhabi, and you drink a glass of Tura, it's to be a part of history again."

Palestinians though have condemned the export deal, saying settlements are illegal under international law.

That's a view shared by many countries, but disputed by Israel.

It comes after Israel forged official relations with the UAE last year under a U.S.-brokered deal that enraged Palestinians.

Nizam Abdul Razzaq is a Palestinian farmer:

"It breaks your heart to see your Muslim brothers in the UAE support your enemy at your expense".

Under guidelines issued by outgoing President Donald Trump's administration last year, the U.S. said its imports from settlements should be marked "Made in Israel" or "Product of Israel".

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden though has been critical of Israel's settlements.

Although has not said if he would change the labelling guidelines.

Around 440,000 settlers live in the West Bank, among around 3 million Palestinians.