Israeli protesters stage nationwide 'disruption day' to push for Gaza hostage deal

Israeli protesters on Saturday started a nationwide "disruption day" at 6:29am – marking nine months from the moment Hamas began the attacks in southern Israel – to push the government to secure a deal with Hamas for the release of the hostages still being held in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli protesters blocked roads in Tel Aviv for a second day on Sunday, demanding the government secure a hostage deal with Hamas as the Gaza war enters a 10th month.

A nationwide "disruption day" began at 6:29 am, corresponding to the start of the Hamas October 7 attacks on southern Israel that set off the conflict.

Flag-wielding demonstrators stopped traffic at an intersection in Tel Aviv, calling for elections and for the government to do more to free remaining captives in Gaza.

Police stepped up security around Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's Jerusalem residence before a rally called for Sunday.

The night before, anti-government demonstrators blocking a highway clashed with police on horseback before authorities deployed water canon to clear the road.

Mediators have launched new truce talks between Israel and Hamas and some hostage families say they have been given renewed hope.

The October 7 attack resulted in the deaths of 1,195 people, mostly civilians, according to an AFP tally based on Israeli figures.


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