Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to undergo surgery for hernia under full sedation

Benjamin Netanyahu is to have surgery on Sunday (AP)
Benjamin Netanyahu is to have surgery on Sunday (AP)

Benjamin Netanyahu will undergo surgery on Sunday for a hernia his doctors have discovered, a statement from his office said.

Israel’s prime minister will be fully sedated after his doctors discovered the hernia "during a routine examination".

The statement said: “During this time, Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Yariv Levin will serve as acting prime minister.”

Last year, the 74-year-old PM underwent surgery to have a pacemaker implanted.

He has kept a full schedule throughout Israel's nearly six-month-long war against Haqmas, and his doctors have said he is in good health.

The NHS states a hernia happens when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall.

“Inguinal hernias can be repaired using surgery to push the bulge back into place and strengthen the weakness in the abdominal wall,” it states.

“The operation is usually recommended if you have a hernia that causes pain, severe or persistent symptoms, or if any serious complications develop.”

Most patients are able to get home the same day after hernia surgery.

“An inguinal hernia repair is a routine operation with very few risks,” NHS guidance adds.

Israeli strikes have killed 77 Palestinians in Gaza in the past 24 hours, health authorities said on Sunday.

Meanwhile, an Israeli delegation is poised for a new round of talks with Hamas in Egypt.