Israeli ambassador to the UN shreds institution's charter in protest over Palestine vote

The Israeli ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan shredded a copy of the UN charter in the general assembly in a protest over a vote in favour of Palestinian rights.

He placed the UN charter in a mini shredder at the podium, before saying: “You are shredding the UN charter with your own hands.

“Yes, yes, that’s what you’re doing. Shredding the UN charter. Shame on you.”

The symbolic protest came before the UN general assembly voted in favour of granting new “rights and privileges” to Palestine, calling on the UN security council to reconsider its request to become a member state.

The resolution passed by 143 votes in favour to 9 against, with 25 abstentions.

Erdan earlier told Israeli Channel 12 TV that the decision by the US to hold back a shipment of heavy bombs to Israel following concerns the weapons could be used to attack Rafah and inflict civilian casualties was "a very disappointing decision, even frustrating".

He claimed US President Joe Biden was giving in to domestic pressure including US campus protests.

Erdan said the resolution was “disconnected to the reality on the ground”.

He claimed inviting Palestine into the UN fold was "to reward the perpetrators of these atrocities (Hamas attacks) with statehood".

The UN security council will decide whether it will grant Palestine membership.

The US stalling of heavy bombs has angered some in the war cabinet of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel has said it will continue to attack Rafah where it claims the remaining Hamas military brigades are holed up.

Netanyahu said they would fight with their ‘fingernails’ if necessary.