Israel Launches Airstrike on Gaza Strip, Breaking Ceasefire

The Israeli military said it was “prepared for all scenarios” after it launched airstrikes on Gaza in the early hours of June 16, breaking a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza militant groups.

The Israel Defense Forces said airstrikes were targeting “Hamas military complexes” after incendiary balloons were sent into Israeli territory.

It was not immediately clear if there were any casualties from the attack in Gaza.

The air raid marks the first hostility between Israel and Gaza militants since a ceasefire came into effect on May 21, ending an 11-day conflict that left 257 Palestinians and 12 Israelis dead.

Tensions rose in the region after a controversial right-wing “flag march” went ahead in Jerusalem on June 15. Israeli police said 17 Palestinian protesters were arrested, while the Palestinian Red Crescent said at least 33 Palestinian protesters were injured in clashes in the city. Credit: Israel Defense Forces via Storyful

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